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SSL CSR installation

Hi EE,
We have server on windows 2003 server, I am not sure whether this server has ever installed SSL or not but I have got files for CSR,Cer and RSA which is using from geotrust.com.
In this case how can I set up the CSR and install those certificates on my server.

any help would be very much appreciated
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Distinguished Expert 2018
You cannot. A CSR is just a signing request. The private key is kept on the original windows server that made the request and is not included in the CSR or the certificate file produced by the certificate provider. Without the private key, both the CSR and Cer are useless.
At this point, your best bet is to use IIS to generate a new CSR. This will also generate a new private key on the windows server in question. You can then go to the original certificate provider and perform a procedure known as a "rekey" where you give them a new CSR and they give you a new certificate (.CER file) based on the new CSR you created. Then you'll complete the certificate import process which will pair your .cer file or public key with the private key that never left your windows server.
Rekeying a certificate is a fairly common practice and most certificate providers will do this for free. It is just a matter of finding the appropriate process via their tools and following it.