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Deploy Office 2010


I have to deploy Office 2010 in our company using SCCM.

I have created an MSP file by running "setup.exe /admin" ... (and customized the setup to run silent)

Saved the MSP file in det folder /update folder

When running setup.exe after... i get MSIERROR 1651...  ?

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Hello mikeydk!

Correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't you use a .msi file for the install and a .msp for upgrading a current install?  In other words, should you be using a .msi for a full Office 2010 deployment package?



It sounds to me like you did it correctly - same as I did and it worked for me. Try generating a new MSP just to see if it works. You could use the /adminfile switch to troubleshoot if you wanted to explicitly point to your MSP file to make sure setup was finding it.

check the installation syntax.  Should be setup.exe /adminfile file.msp.
best to leave the .msp file in the root directory with the setup.exe to avoid realitive path issues.
You may also need to be providing the /config switch aswell.