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How to use hidden flied in <display:table>


How to use hidden flied in <display:table>
for example
<display:column property="shipedQTY" title="Shipped Quantity" align="center" >
                                              <input type="hidden" name="shipedQTY" Id="shipedQTY<%=i%>"  value="0" >
i want set the shipedQTY property value to hidden flied value how can i do that ?
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you will fetch in the servlet like this ;

String qty[] = request.getParameterValues("shipedQTY");
if it is single shipedQTY name in jsp then you will fetch;

String qty = request.getParameter("shipedQTY");

I think you should use this one only.

String qty[] = request.getParameterValues("shipedQTY");
Sorry !!
i need to get in java script ? how can i get that ??

var qty = document.getElementsByName("shipedQTY");

Thats not possble in display table

<display:column property="stock_Move_Id" title="Stock_Move_Id" align="center" class="hidden" headerClass="hidden"/>
when you se this         <input type="hidden" name="shipedQTY" Id="shipedQTY<%=i%>"  value="0" >
in between <display:column  are you getting any error?
No . But shipped values are not assign to variable