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use the xmlhttpexecutor class

davyquyo asked
Hey everyone

I'm working in asp.net in C# and I'm trying to learn to create ajax controls.
I already succesfully worked with web services but the next thing I want to learn is how to work with the xmlhttpexecutor class.
I searched on the web but couldn't find any good examples.

Basicly my goal is having a div in my html and every button in this div must do an async postback. So buttons can just call there function in C# but without loading the page. I know this is exactly what the updatepanel does but I'm trying to create my own controls and try not to implemenent the update panel in my control.

I'm hoping if someone could provide me a script with a fully functional xmlhttpexecutor class.
or give me a link to a good tutorial on how to use it.
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I imagine that you can use something similar to this:

except with some sort of dynamic HTML.


I'm sorry for the late response but I asked for some examples and thats exactly what you guys gave me.
Thanks a lot I think I can work with this.