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windows 2008 sbs ip address

I have a 2003 sbs running on ip address of and need to make my windows 2008 sbs replace it with the same ip. Is this a problem? can i somehow through bridges/routers/firewall/??? get the server 2008 sbs to act as this address for all other clients and servers in the network? I never config. the first build and would never have gave this mix to start with. but now i am racking my brain as to how to NOT reinvent the wheel as many reasons to try to keep the same ip on this replacement mach. I need for everyone to think the server is at address, seems when i change it , along with everyone else i have replication probs. and can't "SEE" the other servers, I can see the 2008sbs from them but not the other way....help....keep in laymans terms please as much as possible...thx
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This is not possible SBS 2008 requires the IP address of the server to be an IP from one of the standard non-routable blocks.
The non routable blocks are listed in RFC 1918 (http://www.faqs.org/rfcs/rfc1918.html) – – –



I don't think you can to start with, but you can change the IP your migration.

You need to do a proper migration to your SBS2008 box. I assume you already know the detail but if not let me know I put post them here.

After your migration you will switch off your old SBS2003 box. From then on you can delete IP record from DNS and DHCP. Then change the new server IP to


yea, i did run into that in the migration where it rejected the but after i changed it , then it let me change it later......but i think i am having probs. with comm. but maybe the dhcp/dns is the answer. What do you mean exactly and where as " From then on you can delete IP record from DNS and DHCP. Then change the new server IP to" ???????
When you start with the migration you hook the new server to the existing network. The IP of the new server will be within the range but NOT

Once you completed with the migration and are ready to switch off the old SBS2003 for good, what you can do on the new server is to open DNS console and remove the A record for the old server. You can't give the same IP to your new server if that record still exists in the DNS table.


what do you mean "The IP of the new server will be within the range but NOT" I know it can't be in the 90's i belive i made it when i did the migration, so now do i just change to the desired and then delete the A record on the new server? Is that what you are saying...i just didn't get the part where you said "it will be within range"....thx,MEL


ormerodrutter:   ok, i tried the above but am not sure exactly what to remove under what colum or sub colum, can you please verify the specific uc for me.....
are you 100 % positive that you can do this with no problems?



i quit getting responces from the experts, i asked questions but no answers came after initial few ans.
would have been nice if they had checked back, sometimes you can't just apply the "fixes" right away, may take a day or two..

Sorry I was away a few days.

What I meant was, after you did the migration and you are sure of everything being successful and are going to switch off the OLD server, you can open up DNS console on the new server and remove all relevent records of You probably need to do the same in DHCP as you have that IP reserved.

After that you can rerun your wizard and give your new server the same ip address. note that things may NOT work to start with because your clients are still looking for your old server. Flush DNS on all workstations and server and see if that speeds things up a little bit.