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Windows machine reserving two DHCP addresses for RAS

tegenius asked
We are running low on IP addresses in our DHCP range so it is becoming more important now that unneccessary leases are removed. There is a windows XP machine on our network that is leasing 3 IP addresses. 2 of them for RAS.

Why are the two addresses for RAS being leased and how do I stop it?
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It is usaually because you will have an ISDN2 card in that machine for incoming RAS access and the DHCP is allocating an address for each of the 2 ISDN ports.  If you do not use the RAS any more disable the ISDN Diva card and the release the addresses in DHCP.
disable or remove any unnecessary card from that machine such as ISDN card, fax etc ..


Disabling all modems and virtual modems fixed this.