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RRAS setup over RDP for windows server 2008

joeylu asked
I tried to setup RRAS over Remote desktop, everything looks good until I finished the whole setup.
My RDP got disconnected and cannot access to the server no more. I asked tech guy at datacenter to disable the RRAS for me, then my RDP get back.
Any ideas?

btw, does anyone can give me a walkthrough for setting up the RRAS as an internet gateway? which routes the internet traffics throu the VPN server?

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We have had this problem befor.
I take it you the correct port mappings open ie PPTP mapped to RRAS server?
Make sure you have an account with dial-in privilages,  ( you can do this in AD, Select Dial-In for the required user and select Allow. You can create a policy ln NAP later on and add users to a group for better managment.
If you open Routing and remote Access, right click the server name and select configure.
you have an option for custom, select this then select VPN server. run through the setup and start the services.

assuming the firewall is correctly forwarding the PPTP packets (or what ever protocol you asre using) you should now be able to VPN to your server.

Best of luck
you may also need to configure a DHCP relay agent.
Please see
I believe when you configure RRAS it turns on the firewall service on the server. You may want to check that you have RDP as an exception in there so once it fires up, it does not disconnect your session and leave you high and dry.
i believe the advanced firewall will be enabled by default, enabling  rdp on the server will add the exception to the advanced firewall.
"i believe the advanced firewall will be enabled by default, enabling  rdp on the server will add the exception to the advanced firewall."
True. I was just covering all the bases.


The thing is that the rdp is already added into the windows firewall, do you mean to add it again? The advance firewall is not same as the windows firewall?
My problem is that i.m using the dedicated server from a hosting company, so i can only do all setups via rdp
can you install logmein or somthing alike just incase you get kicked off?? have you tried my steps??


hi, sorry for the late reply, being busy for the last couple of days :D

my question, is that the RDP is already in the windows firewall exception, otherwise i'm not even able to login to install the RRAS
the problem is that once the RRAS is installed, the rdp is cut off instantly. I saw your comment about windows advance firewall, is it the same firewall as windows firewall? because i could only make sure the rdp added under windows firewall exception for now. Not quite sure about the windows advance firewall
If the exception is there you should be fine. Installing RRAS on a server can cause some changes to traffic flow. How many NIC's do you have configured? RRAS by default like to have 2 or more so it can route traffic. That is why it is called Routing and remote access and not MS VPN server.
If you are using a single NIC, I believe there are some additional steps.