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virtualizing Windows 2008 R2 on windows 7 host

DaFou asked
HI all,

What would be the best way to virtualize a development environment using windows 2008 R2 on a windows 7 host?

And with best I mean the smallest footprint possible unlike VMware server needing an apache webserver.


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Distinguished Expert 2018
Since 2008 R2 is a 64-bit only  OS, that limits your choices quite a bit. You also *must* be running win7 64-bit.
With that caveat in mind, I think in this scenario, virtualbox is probably your best bet.
vmware esx i is the smallest virtualization technology I think its 32mb as you can run it from a usb pen drive

use esxi v4 as its free

oh its 59mb actually
you could try VMWare Server as this softrware is also free.


I really like virtual box as it is open source. I am not sure yet about esx I as I need to run it on my laptop. Does esx I need special hardware to run like esx?

And like I stated before I don't like VMware server as it needs apache webserver running on the host, i dont like that idea
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esx, like hyper-v is a full hypervisor implementation and is more suitable for virtualizing many machines, but doesn't let you keep your normal work habit of "boot primary OS, launch VM when needed" type of scenario. Hyper-V and MS Virtual Server are similar in this regard, which is why I didn't recommend them. Virtual PC is a good choice, but does not support 64-bit guest OS's. Hence virtualbox.

esxi is not esx server as esxi is linux based