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What is the best vpn solution for Windows Server 2008 to route all internet traffics

joeylu asked
I'd like to find a easiest way, and relatively secure VPN solution for my windows 2008 server.
I want all vpn client to access the internet throu the vpn server, and if I can limit the IP address from vpn clients to connect to the VPN server as well.

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You can accomplish what you want using the built in remote access role on Windows Server 2008.
If you want to route all internet traffic through your VPN, if you use the Windows VPN client, that is a client side setting. In your TCP/IP settings on your VPN connection select "use default gateway on remote network".
As far as limiting IP addresses, that is a firewall setting.
Do you plan to use Windows VPN server or a Router/Hardware based solution? Or is that part of your quest as well? Both are good. I can give some examples if you like.


A software based vpn is what i,m looking for, the windows rras sounds good, but i tried that before, looks like it,s kind complicated to use for rounting internet traffics, is there any tutorials for such configuration? Tks
Here is a good one to get you going. Its for 2003 but the basics are the same.