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VSS error on SBS2008

mtxit asked
Following a server restore I am unable to fix a VSS error on SBS2008. I have tried all suggestions from following article http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en/winserverfiles/thread/e2f86247-6a77-4bf3-a4f8-be7687c181b7  but with no success.

Any help would be appreciated

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Shibu KuttanSenior Server Administrator


If you are not installed windows2008 services pack2 then install the services pack2 first.
Because lot of VSS hotfix are included in Windows 2008 SP2
Please access the below link and download the SP2 related to your Windows version (32 or 64)

If you are already install the SP2 then run the below command in command prompt.
"vssadmin list writers"
After get the result inform us which VSS writers are failed status.
Also update us which VSS error event you are getting in the event viewer.
We will provide the suitable hotfix link for the particular failed VSS writers.

Please update us if you have any query.




Thankyou for your response.

I’ve rebooted the server several times and CHKDSK’d it a couple of times and the problem is still apparent.

I can create a shadow copy on the USB drive which says to me the problem is with the C: and D: drives.

See attached output from ‘VSSADMIN LIST WRITERS’, the error dialog when trying to creating a shadow copy via the GUI and the resulting Error log entries  - the #2 version is the final collection before I gave up.

If you do a ‘VSSADMIN LIST SHADOWS’ there appears to be an ‘extra’ shadow copy that can’t be seen or removed from the C: drive – maybe this is an indication of a problem with either the volume or the shadow copy database.

Any attempt to perform a shadow copy function on the C: or D: drive results in a lock – a CHKDSK freezes and the VSSSVC seems to be locked out – if you leave it eventually it times out with an error.

I have attached the vss writer details.

Your help is much aprreciated



Please type

"diskpart" on run box with admin privileges then type command "list volume" with out quotes and please post the results. Thanks


Thank you for your help - I've attached the output from the DISKPART command results as requested.

From disk part command  I Can see that free disk space is too low to hold the VSS snapshot please create some free disk space, at least 10 % free . And let us know the results.


Thankyou for your response.

However there is 10% free on both C and D drive

Please provide the output of vssadmin list shadowstorage


The output of the command 'VSSADMIN LIST SHADOWSTORAGE' attached.

Please re-create the shadow copies using the below link and post us the screenshot as stated in the article. Please let us know if have any query.

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Thanks for the article, I've read through it and all those things have already been tried and looked at - I note that article relates to Windows 2003 - the server in question is Windows Server 2008.

In any case the issue is that the Creation of Shadow Copies either via the GUI or the VSS Admin command line results in the VSSSRV service hanging until a timeout occurs.  At the timeout the error already detailed in the atached files about are displayed on the screen and the event log.

As previously mentioned there is no issue creating a shadow copy on the USB hard drive.

Windows Backup and Veritas Backup Exec fail due to VSS Errors and refuse to run - this is not a simple VSS creation problem it seems more fundamential.

We have tried re-registering the DLL's and followed all suggestions we've been able to locate in EE and on other sites - the problem occured following a mirrored disk failure which was replaced and re-mirrored and then a Windows Backup 'entire volume restore' was performed on the D: drive.


Case closed as no comments added have resolved this, all comments were appreciated