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Mac and Outlook 2007 share calendars

BSTIT asked
Hi Experts

I have 1 user thats on MAc and uses Ical. I setup her pc to see other users in the companies Outlook calendars and it works fine. Even those 5 users can see her calendar perfectly. I am trying to add another user on the MAC to see calendar and the MAC Ical can see the outlook 2007 calenday but on the outlook pc when i try to access the MAc Ical it says ithis user does not have permissions. When i check the Ical under preferences the outlook user is there with full permissions. Please help
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How exactly are you adding the ical calendar to outlook 2007?

Here are some instructions, let me know if this is how you're doing it:

Also, where is the iCal calendar stored on the mac?  Have you checked to be sure the users accessing that file have access to see that file (In Mac OS X, not in iCal)?

Lastly, you do have the option of publishing your iCal to a server of your choice (could be an internal server).  If you did this, the other users in the company, as long as they have access to that same location, can see her calendar.


Hi, the explanation above will allow the Mac user to see the outlook users calendars via publishing calendar. This works already, i need the outlook user to see the Mac ICAL calendar
Oops!  Gave the wrong link.

Here's the one I meant to include.