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Moving catalogs from one Backup Exec install to another

mce-man-it asked
We have two sites (Site A and Site B) each with their own tape drive (both HP LTO-4) and installation of BackupExec 12.5

We are removing the tape drive from Site B and I'd like to be able to do restores of their data from Site A if possible.

How do I go about moving the catalogs from Site B to Site A to allow me to do this, is it as simple as copying the C:\program files\symantec\backupexec\catalogs folder and merging it with the current one then having the tapes available when neccesary?

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I believe so. You just need to make sure your backup exec service are stopped. Then copy the catalog files into the catalog server, then start backup exec services.

You dont really need to move the catalogs as you can just catalog a tape ad-hoc before restoring it if necessary.

The catalogs are just a local record of whats on the tape. In the event you need to restore, just run a catalog job on the tape you want and then go for it.

"The catalogs are just a local record of whats on the tape" is why one would want the catalogs though. Depending if its incremental or full or how often either runs one can have a large catalog of tapes. If a user needs a file from a certain date to have to catalog blindly which tape it might be on is pretty time consuming.

A quick glance at the restore catalog quickly helps define which tape is needed for the restore.
Rodney BarnhardtServer Administrator

Personally, I always move the catalogs. Performing a catalog, particularly if this is a library can take time, and if you are having to perform a restore people may not want to wait. It all depends on how important the file needing to be restored is and in my case, it is usually one of the owners of the company. You can move your entire data, jobs, catalogs, etc if you want.