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Unable to view FTP site through Internet Explorer 8

Recently all of our clients have been upgraded to IE8. Since this upgrade has taken place we are no longer able to access external ftp sites. When we try to access the sites in just comes up with a blank screen.

I have been doing some research and testing on this issue and it appears to be a problem with IE8. I am able to access the site through clients still running IE6 and the site is also accessible through Windows Explorer as there is an option off the VIEW menu in IE8 that allows the FTP site to be opened in Windows explorer and this works fine.

Is there anyway that IE8 can be configured to open FTP sites, or do they all need to be accessed through Windows Explorer.

As a footnote to this we do have a proxy server, but I think that it is more of an issue with IE8 than with the proxy.

Any suggestions would be appreciated
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I can't check at work as FTP sites are blocked, but it's nothing simple like IE8 needs to have compatibility mode enabled?


Do you have any internal hosts configured as an FTP Server?  If you do, you could try connecting to them without going through the proxy server.  It does sound to me like settings issue related to the proxy server.

If you don't have an internal FTP Server you could easily configure a test site in IIS or use a simple one like serv-u:


Set this or the IIS one up internally and see if the IE8 Ftp client can connect.

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- gurutc
One thing you could try that i have seen work in the past with is go under internet properties and under the advanced tab, and uncheck "Use Passive FTP"
The problem was because the third party supplying the FTP site had change the access rules on their firewall and disallowed access from our machines. This oversight has since been rectified.

Many Thanks for your suggestions