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OWA - disable direct file access but allow forwarding attachments

AndrewHuges asked
Exchange 2007 SP2 Update Rollup 4:-
Hub/CAS roles on single Server 2008std SP2 server
Mailbox role on Server 2008Ent SP2 SCC cluster

Hi All,
We have locked down OWA in our organisation and in doing so have disabled direct file access for both private & public computers.  We have recently discovered however that blocking direct file access also removes the ability to forward attachments. Ideally we want to block users from downloading all attachment types but still allow them to forward attachments.

Is there an easy way around this?

Thanks in advance.

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SaakarSenior Technical Consultant

How to Control Exchange 2007 Attachments through OWA
Check this and see if this helps if you have already set these then I guess there has to some settings on Exchange HUB that needs to be checked....


Thanks saakar, this guide is useful but doesn't, like all other guides that I have found on the Internet, explain whether what I am experiencing is a design of direct file access or a bug. We have completely disabled direct file access and have enabled WebReady Document Viewing and have forced WebReady viewing when a converter is available. With these features set we can't forward attachments. If I enable direct file access we can forward attachments. I'm guessing that this feature is in by design but can't clarify this.

SaakarSenior Technical Consultant

Might answer your queries
Hope this helps in clarifying the doubt that you have..
Can't find a definitive answer, will continue to dig around!