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HyperV / DC / SCCM disk configuration

aideb asked
I am looking for some guidance in creating the best disk configuration for a HyperV server which will host a Domain Controller and SCCM 2007 Primary site. The server will only have local disk storage and I need to know where I should place the OS / Database logs / AD database etc. in terms of RAID etc.
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I am running a DL380 Hyper-V host with an 8 drive RAID 10. I have an SCCM 2007 R2 Primary site server with its own SQL DB on it,  as well as a few other guests on it. It runs well. We only have about 400 machines being managed by SCCM though.
I P2V'd the SCCM server a few months back. It runs twice as fast now as a VM than it did on the Physical ML330 G3 it was on.
Syed Mutahir Alibinarybonsai
As you would only be using Local storage with ONE Raid Controller, it will not make a difference as all disks are managed by ONE Raid controller.

You can create RAID 10 (Minimum 4 disks - Depending on Number of disks and storage requirements) or

What we have done is, 8 x 750GB Nearline SAS DIsks on a Dell Perc6/i raid card, created two Virtual Disks

Physical disk 1 and 2 in a Mirror (Only for the OS)
Rest all 6 Disks in a Raid 5 for Hyper-V Storage

We have 2 x Redhat VMs and 6 windows 2008R2 VMs doing different roles

You can make use of the Physical Pass through disk which performs better then VHDs but that depends on the number of users, types of databases etc.

for the above requirement you should be good in either suggestion one or mine too.

I have colegues that have used RAID 5 as well. It worked well for them too. If you use RAID 5 I would recomend Battery Backed Write Back Cache to boost performance.


Many thanks for your input