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Server Folder Redirection

dkuras asked
I have a Windows 2003 server set up as a file server in a workgroup environment. One drive share on the server is running out of room and will need to have its contents moved to a larger share on another network drive. This will be accomplished by remapping the drive at each workstation.  My question:  Is there a simple method to remap the drive at the server so that the clients are not aware of the move?  In other words, as far as the user is concerned, he still is clicking on "Drive P" but is being automatically redirected to a different physical drive.
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If you move the data to a new drive on the server, remove the existing share, and reconfigure the new location with the same share name, then the users' mapped drives will not need to be changed. Just be sure to recreate teh same share & NTFS  permissions.