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Power Path Issue, Storage, (Fiber Channel Connection)

tcmadmin asked
Hello Experts.

 I am confused by the output I am seeing from powerpath.

We have 2 server MS Cluster, both servers have fiber connections back to the san (MDS Switch Fabric)

We moved our mds switches and relied on the redundancy of the environment to keep the applications / storage up, These 2 servers dropped the storage connection and we believed it was first caused by not having licenses for power path. After the connections where restored, I licensed the power path and all seemed well. That was until I looked all the way down the tree at the adapters in power paths. the connections of one adapter appear to be unlicensed on both servers.  Before I licensed each server, All the icons appeared with the small red ribon (unlicensed), after the license was installed. I only see the ribon on the connections under one HBA adapter?

Does this have anything to do with the fact that they are clustered. Do I need to configure or install powerpath a certain way if clustered?

Thank You
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Is the cluster set up as passive/active or active/active?  Is it a failover or "both on" cluster?  Just wondering because the failover cluster would only need one connection to the storage at a time.  
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One for meyersd me thinks, I'd use MS MPIO instead, no license required.
Power path will work with basic features when it is not licensed. Power path acts the same way weather it is cluster or non-cluster. if it is a two node cluster, you need to have powerpath on both the nodes, active/active or active/passive will not matter. This is my opinion out of my exp..

For sun clusters it is quite common to have servers crashed with powerpath even with licensed.You can avoid this having supported sun patches for power path versions.you need to install required patches for powerpath versions. This powerpath matrix can be found in powerlink.emc.com site.


Thank You for the information, This was extremely helpfull