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Need to move several .ndf files of a large DB for Raid work.

blberger asked
I have a large (relative) db running in MSSQL2000 that has several .ndf files that reside on a drive that needs to be reformatted.  (Raid should be 500GB, but only shows 150GB).  Anyway, I am looking for the fastest way to move the data files that reside on that drive to another drive on that server that will create the least amount of down time.  Options that I have explored are:
(1) Backup the database (600GB total) and then drop current DBa and recreate with new data files not on the drive in question (Backup currently takes 6hrs). (2) Backup database, then detatch Db and move the specific files to another drive and then re-attach DB using:

EXEC sp_attach_db @dbname = 'your database name',
     @filename1 = 'new path\database file name_data.mdf',
      . . . . . . . ,
     @filename2 = 'new path\database file name_log.ldf'

Unless you can suggest another, which would an expert recommend?

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Awarded 2008
Awarded 2008
The detach and move will be the fastest, for sure.  One thing you'll want to do is make sure you backup the database before you do it...just to be safe.  You dont want to move your files over and then not be able to attach them.  The backup gives you another option in case something happens.