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exchange 2003 permissions issue

Globe_Man asked
Hi all, hope you can help me with my problem

I added a 2nd 2003 exchange server to the organization.  

When I add a user in AD now, it doesn't give a default email address any more.
Exchange advanced maibox rights has only self now

Public folder replication isn't working.

The Organization has administrator as full control at the top (from before I got here)

Any help would be appreciated.

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Try running the Best Practice Analyzer Tool and see if you are getting errors for the New Exchange Server.



Sorry globe_man but we need more info to be able to help.

It sounds like the new server installation hasnt worked but with the information provided it could be anything from a network cable to major AD issues.

Did the new server ever work?
are there any errors in event logs on either server (or the DC if its not with the exchange server)

can the servers ping each other and or replicate?