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how to increase the virtual memory and speed in Windows OS 2003

RaviPerla asked
Hi Experts,

MY laptop is reaching the Minimum SharePoint Hardware configuration.

When I install the SharePoint 2007, SPD 2007, VS2008, SQL Server 2005 and MSOffice 2005.
And when working with all of these things (i.e. SharePoint, SQLServer,VS2008). my system  is very very slow.

Even to navigate from one page to another, it is taking nearly 5 minutes time.

Can any one suggest me, to adjust the Virtual memory setting for my laptop.

I am using windows 2003 Server. Thanks alot.
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This is asking a lot of your laptop - Youn reaaly need a dedicated server to run this little lot.
You can increase the virtual memory see http://www.petri.co.il/pagefile_optimization.htm
What specification is the laptop? - I can see that this is going to help much
How much physical memory does your laptop have?  You should have at least 4GB of RAM.  If you do not, then I would suggest upgrading the memory. Giving the computer more virtual memory will not speed up your processes.  The reason for virtual memory is to allow the program to swap things in memory to disk so that it can process the current threads in memory.  This actually slows down everything, the more the program has to swap to physical disk (virtual memory).  Below is how to increase the virtual memory.
To increase the virtual memory:
Right Click "My Computer" --> "Advanced" --> "Settings" under Performance --> "Advanced" --> "Change" under Virtual memory --> change the amount of virtual memory you need.  There is a maximum and it will tell you.  This might require a reboot.


Thanks Experts,

I will follow the given suggessions. And i will have 4 GB of RAM. Currently I am having only 2 GB of RAM. Thanks to both of you.