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How to change TortoiseSVN change log message description

markgoodall asked
How can you change the log message description in TortoiseSVN for a commit?
I accidentally did a commit and left the message description blank and need to change it.
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In SVN log messages are stored as properties attached to each revision. By default the property svn:log can not be edited once its committed.

From: http://help.collab.net/index.jsp?topic=/faq/changelog.html

The first way is for the repository administrator to enable revision property modifications. This is done by creating a hook called "pre-revprop-change" (see this section in the Subversion book for more details about how to do this). The "pre-revprop-change" hook has access to the old log message before it is changed, so it can preserve it in some way (for example, by sending an email). Once revision property modifications are enabled, you can change a revision's log message by passing the --revprop switch to svn propedit or svn propset, like either one of these:

$ svn propedit -r N --revprop svn:log URL
$ svn propset -r N --revprop svn:log "new log message" URL

Where N is the revision number whose log message you wish to change, and URL is the location of the repository. If you run this command from within a working copy, you can leave off the URL.
The second way to change a log message is to use svnadmin setlog. This must be done by referring to the repository's location on the filesystem. You cannot modify a remote repository using this command.

$ svnadmin setlog REPOS_PATH -r N FILE

Where REPOS_PATH is the repository location, N is the revision number whose log message you wish to change, and FILE is a file containing the new log message. If the "pre-revprop-change" hook is not in place (or you want to bypass the hook script for some reason), you can also use the --bypass-hooks option. However, if you decide to use this option, be very careful. You may be bypassing such things as email notifications of the change, or backup systems that keep track of revision properties.


Yikes.    Do you know , by any chance,  if your solution would work on a 3rd party hosted Subversion service, like Bean Stalk?  
Its probably something you would need to contact Bean Stalk about.

Im not sure what facilities Bean Stalk provides, you might be able to take an svndump open search and replace on it for your comment, then re-create your repository with the altered dumpfile.
If you have access to enable that hook as described in my first response you should be able to do it, just take a backup of your repository first.


It doesn't look like BeanSTalk (3rd party SVN hosting) allows the solutions mentioned here.
I need a solution that that the client (TortoiseSVN as mention in original question) can do, whihc sounds like doesn't exist.
You should be able to ask BeanSTalk to help you with this. If they provide you with a dump (and agree to load a dump supplied) you can just change the log message in the dumpfile, send it back to them and have them restore to it.

Unfortunately its common to be limited when using hosted solutions.


There doesn't appear to be a feasible solution to this particular problem as specificlally defined.  Not sure how to handle closing this.