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How much addiotal disk space does adding a 2nd named instance in SQL 2005 Enterprise take?

mgartley asked
On my SQL server I have SAN presetned storage for the SQL data and log drives.  However SQL itself is installed locally.  The local disk is starting to get to that point where in the near future I might have to look into doing something.  However I have the need to create a new database for a product that requires its own seperate named instance.  I have plenty of room for the database and log files on my other drives.  However before I began the process I was wondering if anyone knew if installing a new named instance installed a whole nother copy of SQL on the drive or simply just made a few entrys to some INI files or exactly what the installed did?  I know how to do it I'm just curious of how much disk space it will take up? Thanks!
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You can consider it as a separate installation all together because both the instances will have their separate set of installed files and folders except for the shared binaries and dlls which is not much in terms of space.