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bastouw asked
I get a error message becouse the rDNS do not match.

currently i get the ISP name STATIC.KPN.NET
At this time i cannot change the rDNS to vandes.nl

So instead of changing the rDNS i want to change the helo settings of the server so i get a correct rDNS match.
Is this possible?, or do i get other problems?

below the error message of the rejected mail:
  <we.vandes.loc #5.5.0 smtp;550 <D.Wa@Vir-Ba.de>: Recipient address rejected: Mail appeared to be SPAM or forged. Ask your Mail/DNS-Administrator to correct HELO and DNS MX settings or to get removed from DNSBLs; MTA helo: we.vandes.loc, MTA hostname: unknown[] (helo/hostname mismatch)>
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Typically the rDNS points to the external IP of your Exchange server and should linked to your external email domain name.
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> Is this possible?, or do i get other problems?

Sure but you'll still fail some anti-spam measures unless you have a Host (A) record for the name pointing at the IP. And that's pretty tricky if you don't own the domain :)