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BES 5 quick installation guideline

Hi Experts,

I would like to setup a trial version of BES 5 for exchange 2003 to test before we upgrade our BES from 4.1.7 to 5. please can all experts gives me some quick installation guideline (e.g, pre-installation perparation (need exchange system manager? need to copy the same version of some exchange dlls?) , installation quick start, Walkthrough, tweak and tricks etc.)

many thanks.
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Take a look at this link as it will guide you through the install. I also just used this link for reference going from BES 3.1 to 5!

Hope this helps
Follow the same instructions as for BES 4
Make sure to use the exact same user as the one used for BES 4 as this will simplifie your life when migrating.


when bes 4 set up there was only one exchange, then later we install one more exchange to share the mailstore load, i am not sure if bes will also use the second exchange but users on the second exchange do can use bes service.

do i need to consider this? shall i simply setup bes5 with the first exchange so that it may be easier to migrate database to bes5 later or i can setup with the second exchange?

please advice. thanks
yes if both exchange are linked together (which should be the case unless they are on a separate domain)


hi, i am going to install today. one more thing i would like to ask, if i want my new bes5 and existing bes4 running in parallel at the same time so i can move some user across to do some uat before actually move all users to bes5, i guess i will need to change the listening port of bes5? also how to easily move user from bes4 to bes5? do i need a public ip for the new bes5 traffic?

many thanks
no you don't need to change the listening port on BES as the port used is for BES to send infos on the SRP not the otherway round.
In order to have 2 BES running at the same time you need 2 different SRP Keys.
Regarding moving the users from 4 to 5 here you go : http://www.experts-exchange.com/articles/Hardware/Handhelds_-_PDAs/Blackberry/Using-BlackBerry-Enterprise-Transporter-to-move-users-from-4-1-x-to-5-0.html


Hi dlan75,

can you explain further how i can get a different SPR key? actually i am now having a trial version of BES5 downloaded and will test it out for a while before we migrate our existing bes4 and that is the reason why i need to have both running at the same time.

you get it from RIM trhough your porvider. You just have to tell them what you plan to do.
Normally you don't have to pay for BES (you buy units and the blackberry data plan) so they can give you a second SRP code for the purpose of migrating from 4 to 5 anyway you will not use 4 anymore in the future.



one more question, can i re-use the windows account used for BES4 to install BES5? that is both server using the same account at the same time, will there be any problem? or i need to create a new account and re-do all the permission assignment like setting up as exchange view only administrator?

As said above yes you can and it is easier for you to use the same besadmin account.
you have to double check all the permissions though