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datagridview trap enter key, vb.net, winforms

TrialUser asked
I have a datagrid view in a VB.net winforms application. Whenever the user presses the enter key in the datagridview, the currentcell should be changed to the last row first cell. I am able to achieve this using preview_keydown event. However when the user changes the value of a particular cell and then press enter key, these events are not trigerred. How can I trap the enter key press after a cell value was changed and set the current cell value to the last row first cell. Please help. Thanks. Any suggestion would be great
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can you try the event CellValueChanged?
I always use the keyup event and it works for me. Add the code to your keyup event.
It would be something like:
datagridview1.currentcell = datagridview1,rows(datagridview1.rows.count -1).cells(0)


The keyup event worked thanks