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AIX to Windows 2003 NTP

ntefft asked
I have an IBM P550 server running AIX 5.3.  I would like to set its time source to sync up with a Windows 2003 domain controller.  Are there any special considerations that have to be made in this case or is it just a big no-no?
Our Windows server is syncing its time with wwv.nist.gov.  All other servers, client computers, and network devices inside our network are getting their time from the Windows server.  I'd like to do the same with our AIX box, but if I have to, I'll set it to sync directly with wwv.nist.gov.  Thanks.
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Any problem in letting it sync with  wwv.nist.gov directly?

You should not face problem if your windows system is running ntp server.
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I assume that your Windows DC behaves like a NTP server, and if so, AIX can easily synchronize with it.
Do the following on your AIX box -
1) Edit /etc/ntp.conf and change the line
server hostname.domain.tld
with hostname.domain.tld being the fully qualified hostname of the domain controller.
2) Edit /etc/rc.tcpip and uncomment this line
start /usr/sbin/xntpd "$src_running"
i.e. remove the leading "#" if it's there.
3) Issue
startsrc -s xntpd
4) Check xntpd status - issue
lssrc -ls xntpd
and check "Sys peer" and "Peer" several lines below.
"Peer" should show the name of your DC immediately, stating "our mode: client, his mode: server"
"Sys Peer" will first show "no peer, system is insane" which should change after a few minutes to the to the name of your DC.