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External Link Load Balancing Redundancy


Does any of Cisco's firewall products handle multiple ISP external links? Have four seperate connections and we were hoping of creating some sort of link balancer so if one linke fails, link 2 will take over.

Any suggestions
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AS and BGP
Likely overkill
bbaoIT Consultant

it depends on your application. which traffic should be load balanced? incoming or outgoing? this will take you to different approaches.


Its a bit of both to be honest. If ISP Link 1 fails I need ISP link 2 to kick in and look after internet traffic going out and site to site VPN connections coming in.

We were looking at the Barracuda Link Balancer but it looks a little basic and the interface can be a bit painful when it comes to creating firewall rules.

Thats why I was curious as to whether or not Cisco had a smiliiar product or at least one that would take multiple external ISP connections.

Thanks a mil!
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You need AS for that (you have static IPs routable via two links)
Or you can have all the infrastructure on both subnets and rely on users pressing "refresh" "retry" and the likes until DNS updates.