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Move Default WebSite SBS 2008

synergiq asked
We have just migrated a customer from SBS 2003 to SBS 2008. The migration has went fine and everything was ok until thier Sage installers came to install Sage 200.

They have said that it will not work on a single server solution in SBS 2008 becuase of the Exchange features in IIS. We have installed premium with SQL and SBS 2008 on the same box, which is a supported configuration just not recommended.

Sage needs to be installed on the Default WebSite, can you move all parts of the website to a different name and port?
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Sage are a pain sometimes but they are probably just protecting their interests.
SBS servers are already putting a huge strain on a single server, adding additonal software is a bad idea.

If you have no choice, see the requirements. I've had to guess which version you hagve as you havent specified.
This includes SBS 2008....


Anyway, as to your question, it is possible to move the exchange stuff to another website but its a complete pain and takes a lot of messing around. It creates an even bigger headache when you make changes in the future or try to fix problems as every tool/utility and set of instructions assumes its in the default web site.

its easier on exchange 2007 systems as the components are seperate and can easily be reinstalled elsewhere but SBS comes as a single package and you cant mess around as easily.

I'd recommend against installing anything other than little utilities onto an SBS server unless it has loads of disks and plenty of spare capacity.


Cheers for the reply, it was what i was expecting. The server has a high spec so resources are not a issue.