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Filemaker Pro SQL Query from PHP

muggslab asked
I am wondering if it is possible for php to do queries from an external Filemaker Database ? I understand this can be done with MS Access but I'm unsure about Filemaker as I have not used Filemaker before.

I'm hoping to query the local filemaker database in my office after a successful registration from the website - Inserting new records, selecting existing records, etc.  Can this be done ? I will appreciate if someone could show me a simple example.

Thanks !
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Step 3: Define an External Data Source in FileMaker Pro
With her DSN defined on the server. Tara opens a copy of FileMaker Pro Advanced
and accesses her solution. (Tara does not need to use FileMaker Pro Advanced to
work with ESS, but as a developer, she prefers the extended developer feature set).
She goes to File > Manage > External Data Sources. She creates a new External
Data Source and indicates that it should be ODBC-based. In defining the External
Data Source, she points it to the DSN she just defined, and stores the Oracle user
name and password within the data source definition. (The user name and password
are encrypted within the FileMaker Pro file, so this is a secure choice, and it will save
the individual FileMaker Pro users from having to remember and enter the Oracle
credentials). That completes the configuration of the external data source.


excellent answer