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Meeting "Not Current"

amku03 asked
User getting meeting updates which states "Meeting Not Current" and does not have an option to accept the updates.

Exchange 2007 SP1
Outlook 2007 SP2 clients.
Organiser & Atendees are in same time zone.
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What is the OL Client of the meeting owner / updater / receiver ?


Owner and receiver both are on Outlook 2007.

Here is the scenario:
we have 2 execs with 2 diff. admin assistants.
Admin 1 manages and sends meeting invites to everyone and same is for Admin 2.
Admin 1 sends out an update for a recurring meeting for which Admin 2 and Exec 2 are invited and both gets such messages (attached screenshot).
Admin 1& 2 are on outlook 2007 SP2 , same time zone.
Exec 2 is on outlook 2010 and has a Blackberry. However he is not configured to receive any meeting invites or updates as all are being forwarded to Admin2.

Hope this explains the situation better.
I do not have an OL2k10 but if I were you I would try to reproduce this scenario keeping Exec2 having Ol2k10.

All i can state is - are all these users having same time frame / zone? Apart from that a simple repro should rule out a problem with Ol2k10 being involved.
they all are in same time zone.