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Where can I find VMware 7 IDE drivers? I need to make physical to virtual conversion.

I have done image from physical computer (with the help of Ghost).
Then I applied this image to virtual HDD (my OS is - Windows 7 Professional 64 bit)
Then I fix boot with the help of -start up recovery- option of installation disk of Windows 7 professional.
Windows start booting but then crashes with error "0x0000007b"
So I want to load drivers of virtual IDE controller with help of Windows recovery console or ERD commander.
Please help me to find right VMware 7 drivers for Windows 7 Professional 64 bit.
And help me please with the steps that I need to do to manually load it with recovery console or ERD commander.
I do not want to make Windows reinstallation (repair) with help of installation disk (it will destroy some bugs that I want to keep unattached).
I just want to preload necassary drivers with the help of recovery console or ERD commander.

P.S. May be I should install Windows 7 Professional 64 bit on new Virtual machine and then export drivers to this Virtual Machine?

Thank you for your answers and help!!
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za_mkhIT Manager

IF you use VMWare converter (free) to P2V your Windows 7 machine, it will do the hard work for you!!



Source machine is already reimagged.
There was a hard problem and I couldn't resolve it without reimagging. But now I want to recreate the problem (on Virtual Machine) and fix it.

And this is not hard work. This is interesting for me, as it is interesting to know how things work under the curtains. And it is good to know it for troubleshooting skills.

Anyway thanks for the link.
May I know what version of Ghost did you use to image the physical system ?


Yes, I used Symantec Ghost 11.5.1
You can use VMware vConverter 4.0.1 to convert the Ghost Image to a Virtual Machine.
Download Link - http://tinyurl.com/yfmjayw