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How to create Serial Port on a Usb

zagnolan asked
first of all I apologize because my English is very poor ... be patient

I want to maps 2 virtual Serial port (Com3,Com4) and use these port for send/Receive data from a 2 devices that are connected on 2 Usb Ports.

Someone can tell me if is possible and how can i do.

Really really thank
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It would help if you could tell us what the devices are with the model number if possible.
Short answer: it should be possible with 3th party software, depending on your usb devices.
One example is http://www.ftdichip.com/Drivers/VCP.htm . Those software drivers can create 'virtual' com ports for USB devices. However, this is only an example... as you can see those should only be used for ftdi-based hardware...
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