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Unable to convert music in iTunes to MP3


When I previously wanted to convert files in iTunes, I used to be able to right click on the file and then choose to convert - in my case, to MP3's. But for some reason, when right clicking the files now, there isn't an option for converting the files anymore. The option to convert has disappeared from the menu.

I am on version for the PC.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Kind regards

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You can try using BonkEnc to convert the files.

Senior Systems Manager
If you select the file and choose under the "Advanced" drop down does it have a "Create XXX version" menu there?

Does it say "AAC" or "MP3"?

If it says AAC then go to Edit->Preferences under "General" Choose "Import Settings" and change them to MP3 and choose your encoding values.

If neither are availble, or if the menu is greyed out then it's either already an MP3 file or it's DRM'd; like a file purchased from the iTunes store. (There are still some DRM songs left)


Ah, I see. Thats great. Thanks for the quick reply.