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Active Directory Workstation Dropping Shared Drive

I have an Active Directory environment setup with a business and a workstation within this environment is dropping connection to a shared drive on the server.  Other workstations can access the drive shared on the server fine, and never loose connection.  This server only has shared drives and is not supplying the active directory structure.  Call it server04.  When I restart the server, the workstation automatically picks up the shared drive and can do everything it needs to do, but when you restart the workstation, the connection is lost and I am unable to restore it.  All permissions for the user match other users that can access the drive.  Any help would be much appreciated as I am at a loss here.
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A couple of questions:
1- What version of AD, and workstation  (+Service Packs) are you running?
2- When you reboot your workstation, are you still able to ping the server?
3- from the workstation, are you able to get a response (blank screen) from: telnet server04 445  ?
4- When the workstation drops connection, what are you trying to do to re-establish it?
5- Let's say your connection is on drive Z:
What are the results of these:
net use z: /del /yes
net use z: \\server04\sharename (enter the username and password if necessary)


I will have to see about the AD version.  The wrokstation and other workstations are running XP Pro SP3.
I can ping the server both by ip and servername.
Not sure about telnet, I will try that when I am onsite again.
I haven't really done anything to resolve the issue because I am unsure of what is happening.  I have tried opening the run box and typing \\server04\sharename which comes up when everything is working properly but I get an error message stating "unable to connect to \\server04...."
I have not tried the net use commands, I will also try that when I am onsite.
ok . please post when you get a chance to test that.
Well everything seems to be working ok, but I have not changed anything.  I will close this post for now with no solution as all seems to be functioning properly without a fix.
Glad it got itself resolved :)