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using ubuntu 10.0.4 as a print server for windows servers and clients..

I have a fresh test install of ubuntu 10.0.4. I am very new to linux but have a good grasp of a lot of the features and a good birds eye view of what I can accomplish with it. Here's what I'm trying to do and what I've done so far...

I have a ubuntu fresh 64 bit install of ubuntu 10.0.4, we'll call PS01.I have this connected to a network of windows PCs varying between windows 2k,2k3,XP,Vista,7. I also have a few 64 bit clients (my machine) mixed in with the 32 bit clients. I wanto to make the ubuntu client a print server so that my windows clients can use it as a print server. I have installed all the updates using the update manager(using the ubuntu default repositories....)

I have added CUPS and SAMBA from the synpatics package installer I'm not really sure if CUPs is doing anything but I got SAMBA to work. I have a printer (HP LJ M1522NFP) setup and installed on PS01. I can print locally and I was able to connect my windows machine to it by going to the webshare \\ps01\, right clicking on my printer and hitting connect. My problem is that I am prompted to provide a location for drivers. I imagine that there is some way that ubuntu uses a repository for drivers where I can provide my different drivers for the OSes that are connecting to my printer server so they won't have to go searching for the drivers? Also when I installed the printer on my XP client, the printer prints fine but the status of the printer says access denied. unable to connect always? anyway to change that?
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Daniel McAllisterPresident, IT4SOHO, LLC

When windows systems "share" printers, they can often share the printer drivers as well. This is because they are the same OS & windows wanted to make it easier.

Linux systems won't have the Windows drivers (same as a Mac server wouldn't), however there is possibly a way to store them somewhere so that a Win client can find them. I'll poke around a little and see what I find.

What *I* do in these cases is to install the win printer driver (usually separate 32-bit & 64-bit) on the file server portion of the samba server, then leave it to the windows user to access the driver and install it themselves.

I hope that this is reasonably helpful...



Thanks Dan. That's basically how I have it now but I thought there'd be an "easy" button for users and linux would have something setup so that it would mimic how windows servers are able to supply the correct driver.
This link might help:


Basically, it uses samba to automatically push a cups driver to the windowsclients.