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Brightstor 12.5 Exchange Agent issue

dwm1 asked
I have upgraded a stand alone server from Arcserve 11.5 for windows to 12.5. When trying to browse the existing backup job I am unable to expand the "dbaxchg2" tree as I receive the following error message:

Backup Agent Error - - (318) "Can not get the information from Registry"
When i click "ok" at this error message I am presented with a security login box but it will not accept any domain user name and password or the caroot account details.

If I try to create a new backup job there is no "bdaxchg2" at all.
I have therefore been unable to backup users individual mailboxes.
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Thanks for your reply.
I have tried to configure the access account for the brick level backups but when I enter the credentials for the domain administrator account I get an error when verifying "Failed to configure your server".

I tried the exact same steps on another Arcserve server at another site and it worked fine.
I have re-installed Arcserve and the agents then restarted the server but I still get the same error when trying to configure the brick level backup.

I am presently downloading the service pack but clearly there is an underlying issue.


If you have upgraded your Exchange system over time going back as far as Exchange 5.5. the Document Level Backup (used to be called Brick Level) may not work with domain Login credentials.    This is because a service level login was created when the Exchange system was originally installed.  The local Exchange service username and password may need to be used instead.

When you installed Exchange server for the first time you may have been prompted for a username and password to use for the Exchange service account.  This username and password are seperate from any network AD login.  If you know what the username and password is that you used when you first created your exchange server during the Exchange install try using them on the Arcserve "security" credentials screen.  You will want to just type the username without any domain name on the username line.

If you do not know what this service account is you can review the info on these links:



A remote session with CA seemed to sort out the login problem although because i wasn't present at the time I don't know how it was resolved.
Anyway, once we could see the mailboxes we ran a backup and the served locked up and had to be power cycled. After another few days on the phone to CA I noticed the server was crashing when it started the Microsoft Exchange Writer so I deselected this from the backup job and it now works fine.