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Outlook 2007 w/ Exchange 2010 empty folder

bryorkj asked
Since upgrading to Exchange 2010, we have one user whose folders sometimes come up empty, even though there are messages in them.  If she clicks on another folder and then back to the original a few times, the messages will appear.  She has the problem on two different computers, so the problem is probably related to the server.  She has well over 100 folders, which is about the only thing I can find that makes her unusual, other than the problem.
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Next time, please ask her to use outlook web access and do the same testing and give us the results.


I've asked the user to test with OWA for a couple days and let me know if the problem repeats.
It might be a corruption in her Mailbox. Try moving her Mailbox to another Database using EMC.

Check the option Skip Corrupted Items.

Set a value for corrupted items as well. Then check it now. Do take a Backup of the Database before doing so just in case.
please check "use cashed exchange mode" in outlook.
we experienced same issue when this option was unchecked.
Checking it solved the problem.


thanks, Ashwin and Henry.  We'll check your suggestions and let you know what we find.  The problem seems to happen most often when the users have additional mailboxes configured in their Outlook 2007.


We have recently migrated to Exch 2010, so the users mailbox had been recently moved and had no corrupted messages.  I just moved it again, and there were no corrupted messages this time either.

We used cached exchange mode on the user's Outlook 2007 and it appears to have corrected, or at least improved, the problem.  The user has a large mailbox with 100+ sub-folders, so it may be taking a while for the cache to see all her mail.


AshwinRaj111's suggestion was helpful, but it appears that Henry LW had the answer for our problem