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Windows error reporting causing print spooler to stop

I have a user running Windows 7 that used easy transfer to move from Vista to 7 (a couple months ago).  The user's print spooler keeps stopping.  I read that it may be due to a corrupt printer driver, so I removed printers and deleted all drivers and reinstalled.  This worked for about a week and now the spooler keeps stopping again.  I Checked the event viewer and at the same time or 1 second before the print spooler stops the Windows error report event occurred.  After the spooler stops, if I restart the spool, it will stay running for a matter of seconds before it stops again.  A restart helps sometimes, but not always.

I attached a screen shot of the event log for the print spool stop
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It may still be driver caused....could it be down to one workstation or document format (i.e. PDF's).
I'd enable detailed logging on printing - it would tell you the last job to be printed.

After the spoolers restarted are any jobs held with errors? Does setting the spooler to auto restart help?
Check the driver dates - could it have auto-updated?
No matter what I tried with the drivers: rolling back, removing and reinstalling from either Windows Update or from the printer manufacturer; Nothing seemed to work.  I ended up loading a new pc and transferred her profile (without using a transfer cable this time).  She hasn't had a re-occurrence.