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Permissions / Security issue.

On a MS Windows Server 2003 domain, a user on an XP Pro SP3 workstation is suddenly denied access to a folder on the server which she has had access to up until this incident. I checked the permissions and the security settings on the folder in question and all is correct. I removed and reset the permissions and security settings, restarted her workstation and still she is denied access.

I then went a step further deleting and recreating her user, resetting permissions and security, and still the same denial of access. Might it have something to do with the computer account? The only other folder she uses is a "Public" folder which allows "Everyone" in with full privileges.

I am new at this location, and I was told (before this problem arose) that the previous IT person had experienced an issue with the computer account for this workstation after it was first installed and had to recreate it on the server. If there is possibly an ongoing issue with the computer account for this PC, what should I look at to find the problem?

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MikeIT Professional

Try disabling the virus protection/firewall protection for a few minutes, and see if the results change.  Some antivirus and firewall programs block access to things.  Once you find out if thats the solution, you can create exceptions
Accessing the folder uses the user's credentials and not the PCs.  I would verify that you do not have any denied access or make sure the user is not a part of a group that has reduced access.  Check the groups and denied permissions.
Also, Microsoft's best practice for shared folders is:
1. Shares are set with everyone with full access.
2. NTFS security is where you apply the access to the folders.
Verify that the shares has everyone full control, and NTFS security is set correctly for the user on the folder.