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patch panel for the network

i want to get the patch panel cat5e cabling i will need to connect 26 phone lines and around same number of hosts.
please advice
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You do get a patch panel with which is 50 way.
Two rows of 25 each.
Use meganet or kronne. (as a suggestion of good products)

Are you going to run the telephony or voice on cat5e and RJ45 connectors?
This is wise so you can swap a telephone point for a data point if needed right at the patch panel.

Let me know if you need more detail


hi buddy

thanks for the speedy reply i will running telephony if you meant traditional telephone line lol. currently buidling has cat5e infrastructure in place i dont know whether patch panel has to be compatible with the category cable type  
if i got you right, you mean you need a patch panel to connect the cat5e which is provided by the building for telephony, then do a second level patching for your office?

so you will need 25 x 2 patch panel for connecting the cat5e from the building and another 2 x 25 for interconnect to the office telephone RJ45 connector/wall plate. by doing this you will have a easier way to manage your cable specially when there is any relocation of number taking place.
Dear Mattibutt,

99% of the patch panels today is Cat5e certified.
for Cat6 you will need to ensure it can handle as the cables need to be tied to the patch panel.

To answer your question you should be able to use any / most types of patch panels.
I still recommend Kronne or Meganet.


hi guys
i have couple of more questions regarding this setup
i am not sure about the equipment i require
what i have is a building with cat5 e cabling in the floor what will be the process of connectivity
i will need patch panel cat5e certified and then connect those to the physical connections obviously i am having a phone system as well engineer will install that question is from my network point of view do i need anything else except
patch panel
ethernet swtich
if I don't get you wrong, you are having cat5e cabling for the office area and you need to connect them to your data as well as voice network?

here is what you need and why:
1. floor box with power and RJ45 connector - Power socket for conenction PC and other stuffs and RJ45 connector for allowing a network connection for PC or other network enabled equipments.
2. as what I have said, 2 x 25port patch panel for those office area connection to be connected to(for telephone), then another 1 x 25port patch panel for jumping cat5e cable to ethernet switch.
3. If you have telephone network with cat5e as well, then you better have 2 RJ45 connector at the floor box at each user seats and 4 is a good practise for fail over. Depends on what your telephony solution is, and what cabling system it is using.
4. you need at least 2 x 24port switch for data network connection
5. a Rack for holding all the components

here you can see all the components you need

for the Rack, just a standard rack or a one that suits you


thanks guys