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How to retain Outlook configurations in roaming profile?

Points of my scenario:
1. I am admin of a Windows Server 2003 domain.
2. Clients use Windows XP Pro SP2 and Outlook 2003.
3. Roaming profiles are implemented for all users.
4. I am mandated to to exclude the "Application Data" folder from roaming profiles.
5. It is important that users retain their Outlook configuration as they roam so that help desk doesn't have to set up Outlook for them each time they roam.
QUESTION: How do I retain Outlook configuration settings in roaming profiles while excluding "Application Data" folder? (I don't even know where Outlook configuration data is kept).
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This 3rd party product is the only way i have ever found to accomplish this.


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Please note that there are 2 separate user profile folders for Outlook customizations:
1. C:\Documents and Settings\<user-id>\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook (this roams with the user)
2. C:\Documents and Settings\<user-id>\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook (this does NOT roam with the user).
The content of these folders are different: the first contains outlook customizations (toolbar, navigation bar, history of email addresses, dictionary, printlist, etc); the second contains OST files (offline cached emails) along with a few other related files.

QUESTION: Do any of these folders contain the Outlook connection settings - such as email server connection settings configured when first setting up Outlook for email? OR - are such settings contained in the registry/NTUSER.DAT file?

HOPE: IF Outlook's email server connection settings are kept in the NTUSER.DAT file or registry, my problem would be solved. I won't have to worry about excluding any profile folder from roaming because I will be able to retain core Outlook settings.