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Where can I find VMware 7 IDE drivers? I need to make physical to virtual conversion. By hands! Not with utilites.

Where can I find VMware 7 IDE drivers? I need to make physical to virtual conversion.
I have done image from physical computer (with the help of Ghost).
Then I applied this image to virtual HDD (my OS is - Windows 7 Professional 64 bit)
Then I fix boot with the help of -start up recovery- option of installation disk of Windows 7 professional.
Windows start booting but then crashes with error "0x0000007b"
So I want to load drivers of virtual IDE controller with help of Windows recovery console or ERD commander.
Please help me to find right VMware 7 drivers for Windows 7 Professional 64 bit.
And help me please with the steps that I need to do to manually load it with recovery console or ERD commander.
I do not want to make Windows reinstallation (repair) with help of installation disk (it will destroy some bugs that I want to keep unattached).
I just want to preload necassary drivers with the help of recovery console or ERD commander.

P.S. May be I should install Windows 7 Professional 64 bit on new Virtual machine and then export drivers to this Virtual Machine?

Please help do it by hands, not with help of automatic utilities.

Thank you for your answers and help!!
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Systems Administrator
This is pretty trival to do with Windows XP/2000 with the mergeide tool, but I believe that is untested for Vista/7.  I would go back to your original machine, change the IDE controllers to "Standard Dual Channel IDE Controller" and then run Disk2VHD or the VMWare convertor.  When you are done with the capture, switch the drivers back to the correct versions.
Why would you use Ghost and then convert the Ghost image into a virtual image when you can just do a straight conversion to a vmdk file using the VMWare convertor?  Pretty sure the tool is free.