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How to run App in "protected mode" under TS 2008

Not quite sure how to phrase the question, so I'll explain my problem...

     There's this one application "VixWin" , which is a Dental Xray App, which every time you try to launch it in more then one TS session it tells you that it's already running and to please close the running instance.
     Called their tech line and they don't support TS at all, don't want to hear anything about it period! Sigh...
So, is there a way to have an application run in a "container" under TS, so it's completely isolated and when a second user/session tries to lauch it it just won't know that there's already an instance running it?
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I actually found the answer to my question! APP-V will do the trick for me just fine,,,
Glad to hear. I was looking for a solution for you but couldn't find anything definative. Citrix has some options but.....


Yeah Citrix has the whole sandbox thing down, but it's pretty costly, and I don't want to learn something that's on its way out anyway, by their own admition :)