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Windows Server 2008 32 Won't boot. Sits at scrolling bar

willp2 asked
I have a production Windows Server 2008 system running on VMware ESX4 that was powered off when I came in today. I don't see any vmware errors.

When I power the machine on it gets to the scrilling cursor thing it does at start up and never gets any farther. The scrolling cursor just keeps on going. When I try to boot into safe mode, it stops at crcdisk.sys and just sits there.

Any insight?
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is there any external drives or flah drives or anything of that nature plugged into the box while it is booting?
Try repairing the Windows Instance using DVD.
Looks like some VMware weirdness. On the phone with their support now. What a mess!

Thanks for the input.

Soundslike  more a Windows issue, not vmware.


Also, if you google "crcdisk.sys", you;ll find many others with the issue.  Vista and 2008 use a similar Kernel.  If you can upgrade to 2008 R2, you will then be using the Win 7 Kernel, which hopefully will be more stable.