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How to migrate from TFS 2007 to TFS 2010?

I am looking for a way to migrate our data (work items and such) from a 2007 Team Foundation Server to a newly built 2010. Ideally, there is an import/export/convert utility that can be handled by infrastructure guys without developer help.

We dont have a default 2007 setup either, since the 2007 TFS server is running on a SQL Server 2008 DB (it wanted to install 2005 by default), but does have the default Sharepoint install.

The 2010 is a clean default install, also running on SQL 2008.

Since TFS, SharePoint, IIS, and SQL are involved, it assume it wouldnt be as easy as a db dump and restore, but havent found any good guides.
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Senior IT Consultant
If you want to play by the book , check this document, this is the official guide on how to migrate to TFS 2010 , but I warn you you need to read it thoroughly and the process can be confusing a bit
however, I wouldn't advise to migrate the sharepoint or reporting, if you are just interested in migrating the Work items and the source control items / artifacts, I would suggest you take a look at the TFS integration platform.
basically you create new team projects with the same name on the new 2010 server, grant the same permissions on the old server to the same groups ,then use the tool to migrate your team projects source code first, then work items  one by one , there is some extensive documentation for the tool, but you will find that the basic usage is quite straightforward.
MSDN forums for TFS migration platform for any possible issues / walkthroughs
and a particular post of interest that explains the basic tool usage

Mohamed OsamaSenior IT Consultant

Please let us know how it went for you.