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Deploying custom list - "Feature '899e8f56-4f0f-4130-98ba-6097a04fb2e9' is not installed in this farm, and can not be added to this scope."

Hi, I have taken over maintenance of a MOSS 2007 system that includes a custom solution containing a site definition with various custom lists.

When I have deployed my solution using VSeWSS 1.3 and I then go and try to create a new site based on the custom site definition, I get the following error:
Feature '899e8f56-4f0f-4130-98ba-6097a04fb2e9' is not installed in this farm, and can not be added to this scope.  
The GUID shown refers to a custom list.  It occurs in the schema.xml file of that list, as follows:

      <!-- _filecategory="ListDefinition" _filetype="Schema" _filename="schema.xml" _uniqueid="899e8f56-4f0f-4130-98ba-6097a04fb2e9" -->

It also appears in solution.xml and onet.xml

I have tried replacing the GUID in all three places, in case there was some sort of conflict with any existing features, but that did'nt help - same error but showing the new GUID.

Any assistance much appreciated!
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I can see what is happening now:
  1. The feature for the custom list is not listed in the solution catalog on my development PC;
  2. The custom list feature should be installed as part of my solution, but when I inspected the wsp file the feature is not included
  3. I have the wsp that was deployed on the customer's server and have extracted the contents of that; I am creating a new solution based on the contents so that I can regenerate the wsp at will from Visual Studio 2008.