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setup SMTP relay for internal device/HP LaserJet 4345 printer

SEMDit06 asked
I have a HP LaserJet 4345 that needs to be configured to e-mail scanned documents. We have an internal Exchange server. What's the best security approach on setting this up? Is it recommended to place the SMTP relay on the Domain Controller? The actual Exchange Server? O is there a better approach?
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BusbarSolutions Architect
you should configure it on the Exchange server and allow only those printers to relay, here is a config guide


Should I create another post for this? I have additional questions now. I'm pretty sure the correct way to configure this on Exchange 2010 would be by going to Sever configuation --> Hub Transport --> And create new connector. However, how do I specify the servers IP address/hostname? The problem is my Exchange server is located an other location and it too uses the 192.168.0.x subnet. I really need to use the FQDN, but how with a printer?