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Limited or no connectivity XP Pro

Howardi asked
Pc infected with fake security alert spyware
Removed all with Malwarebytes & Avast but now cannot obtain an dhcp address, other pc's on same neotwork point all fine. Have replaced network card to no avail. Have also run winsock fix - no joy ?
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Is the "DHCP Client" Service started?

You can check by > Start>Run> services.msc

Check the proxy setting in IE>Tools>Internet options>Connections>Advanced

Are you able to ping the dhcp server, or any other device on the network?

Check to see if your Firewall, anti-virus, or any other security program is blocking the websites. You could temporarily disable each program one at a time, then retest.

Also check your Windows HOSTS file.

In case there's still some infection you could try Hitman Pro 3, a Second Opinion Malware Scanner which has recently appeared>

HitMan Pro 3, which does not need to be installed, deals with browser redirects and can be run directly from a USB flash drive.
Hi Howardi

Please answer the following:

1, After having run Malwarebytes did you run another scan to ensure that your system is free of the afore mentioned infection?

2, Was the scan run in safe mode without networking?

3, With some infections I have found it necessary to run a scan with Spybot in conjunction with Malwarebytes, also in safe mode without networking. Have you taken this step?

4, Did you disable System restore before running all scans in safe mode?

5, Have you tried manually setting the IP, Gateway etc?

6, Could it be something simple like the router needs rebooting?

7, Do you get an IP address that starts with 169. ?

Winsockfix has never failed for me so maybe there is something nasty still on your system or maybe you have come up against something new that I haven't encountered before!

If you have taken all these steps then you may have to resort to:

1, Restoring from the most recent backup

2, Using a MiniPE CD with an application called registry restore.

3, Last resort (depending on the time available) backing up all important data and reinstalling :(


Thanks MrN1c3
DHCP service is not started - set on automatic when I attempt to start it manually

I get could not start DHCP service
error 1068: dependancy service or group failed to start

If you open the %SystemRoot%\System32\drivers folder you could see if the afd.sys file is present.
If it isn't, you should be able to extract a new copy from your XP CD.

Similarly you can check to see if the dhcpcsvc.dl file is also present in the %SystemRoot%\System32\ folder.
Also, the DHCP Client Service in XP depends on these three components:
NetBios over Tcpip
TCP/IP Protocol Driver

If one of the above drivers fail to start, then the DHCP Client Service may not start.

"Error: Could not start the DHCP Client Service on local computer":


Ok getting somewhere now - have got the dhcp service running by copying the AFD file into system

But still no internet access - can ping the dhcp server (router) and can browse other pc's on network

Have tried another winsockfix no go
And various dns addresses

Have you run "ipconfig /flushdns" from the command prompt ?

Some more ideas to try here to resolve your DNS issue>

"Randomly losing access to the Internet":


Now connecting DHCP but cannot get internet access. Can browse local network ?