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Running MS Access 2003 in addition MS Office 2007 or 2010 on Windows 7 Professional

I have purchased a new PC because my old one died.  It has Windows 7 Professional with MS Office 2007. However, I have a client that I do work for in MS Access 2003. From Office 2003  I only need to load MS Access 2003.

     Can I load Access 2003 and Office 2007 on the same PC?  Is there any place where I can get som guidance on how to do this?

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

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two month ago I was using Office 2003 & Office 2007 together, and they run good, but each time I run one of them, it will install some features, like when you install custom features, so when you try to use uninstalled feature, it installs it, so that's what happened to me , so it's ok to run two versions together ..

PS: I was running VIsta, not 7
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You *can*, but I don't recommend it ... unless you use the VM (virtual machine) approach.

And ... there is no way to get around the annoying 'installing ...' message .

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use virtual PC or VMWare.

see this link to download VirtualPC


after you install VirtualPC, install the A2003.
If you have installed office 2007 without Access, there will be no problems.
If no - you can uninstall Access 2007 and install access 2003.
I'm running Windows 7 pro with the same scenario you have described.  The short answer is yes, you can do it.  It may not be a "best practice", but it can be successfully done.

With XP I never had any issues running both, however, I have run into some inconsistencies with Windows 7.  I find that I have to uninstall Access 2K7 to get my 2K3 mdb's to function optimally.  This is really not a problem though, as you can go to Control Panel -> Programs & Features and "Change" Office 2K7 to drop Access.  It takes me less than 3 minutes and is reversed just as easily.

Some problems you may encounter here:

As has already been suggested, go thVM way.
Like DataMX and Capricorn1 I downloaded VMPlayer and used the OS discs from previous machines to create hosted OS instances.  So I can develop Access/Office 2003 applications in a hosted XP instance.  I have a hosted Vista instance where I develop Access /Office 2007 applications.  It proved a lot easier to do it this way as Office 2203 and Office 2007 installations interfer with each other....

I forgot to mention you can also use OS upgrade discs to created hosted OS instances in VMPlayer.  If you've not used these discs or the pc upgraded isn't being used there shouldn't be any licensing issues.
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Wowm So many good suggestions and lots  to investigate. Here is the point split and my reasons to support the split.
Database MX 150 Pts for the suggestion
Capricorn1 150 Pts for the direction links to steer me in the correct direction
als315: 25 Pts Another possible way to do this wothout using VM
Torwin: 50 Pts  More detail on another possible way to do this wothout using VM
JVWC: 50 Pts Pointed out issues I should investigate
OxonDev: 50 Pts for providing an additional way to load VM Player
romel: 25 Pts Using the install uninstall method
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Thanks for all the contributions. I will use VM ware in the next couple of days as I set up this new PC and need to run Access 2003 and 2007.