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Windows 7 domain users can't use Server 2008 fax

hounschell asked
I have the fax created ok , I've added the user accounts but when the users try and print to the fax a dialog box appears asking them to chooose a local fax or a network device. When I select the network device option it ask me to typw the network path with an example being \\mycompanyfax.
nothin I type works,, I use the \\servername\fax..
What am I missing ?
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You just type the server name. no \\.


So much for Microsoft examples

I lost some hair over that one myself. Let me know if you have any more trouble. I ran into some other "Gotchas" with MS fax. There is hardly any documentation available for it. If you are using XP clients you will need to do a couple of undocumented tweaks.